Emma Baldwin

Famous Shipwrecks

Throughout history, tragic circumstances have caused ships from around the world to sink. Whether they sunk due to storms, human error, or wartime violence, the ships described below are historically important sites. 

Are Mermaids Real? 

Mermaids are mythical humanoid sea creatures that some believe live in the world’s oceans.

Sperm Whale vs Blue Whale

The sperm whale and the blue whale are incredible animals that are easy to recognize. They are also some of the largest animals in the Earth’s oceans. 

Basking Shark vs Whale Shark

Whale sharks and basking sharks are the two largest living shark species and are two of the only species that filter feed. Discover the differences.

Manta ray vs Stingray

It’s a common mistake to assume that a manta ray and stingray are the same animal, or to mix them up even when one knows there is a difference.