Mermaids have been part of literature since stories came into play. Some believe mermaids do have their origins in this world.

If you love the tales, here are some wise and motivational quotes for all mermaid lovers that will help you swim through life.

Mermaid Quote from Into the Drowning Deep

What you have to understand about the mermaid legend is that it’s universal. No matter where you go, the mermaids got there first.

Mira Grant

Origins: The novel, “Into the Drowning Deep”

What it suggests: Mermaids might be real

This quote comes from Mira Grant’s novel, “Into the Drowning Deep” where the character urges both the reader and the other characters in the book to ponder the possible existence of mermaids. How legends are shaped around stories of mermaid sightings near bodies of water, be it a lake, a river, or even the ocean. The quote subtly hints that these ‘legends’ might have come from the truth instead of myths.

From a Poet

She is a mermaid but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in.

J. Iron Word

Origins: The poet J. Iron Word

What it suggests: Mermaids are intelligent and, potentially, dangerous beings

A famous poet known for his wise words, J. Iron Word, correlates mermaids with the minds of women. One such correlation can be found in the quote above. Mermaids are known to be beautiful and magical creatures that man is desperate to find. But beauty cannot be judged just by appearance alone.

This quote symbolizes the intelligence of a woman, claiming that her mind is able to perceive thoughts that most would have a hard time just thinking about.

Blackbeard’s Mermaid Quote

Aye, tough mermaids are, the lot of them


Origins: Blackbeard tried to get a tear from a mermaid by killing the one she loves

What it suggests: Mermaids are strong creatures

This particular quote is believed to be said by the famous pirate, “Blackbeard” and a similar quote used in the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” where the character Blackbeard utters something similar in the lines “My! Mermaids are tough.”

This line refers to a mermaid’s, or a woman’s, unyielding character and the strength to not give in to despair. This concept is derived when Blackbeard tries to get a tear from a mermaid by killing the one she loves: a case of a mermaid sighting. Even then, while she was clearly stricken with grief, she chose to glare at the murderer in hate than spare a tear and let it be in vain.

A mermaid swimming towards the surface of the ocean
Mermaid quotes have come from famous pirates of the past, such as Blackbear

A Saying Everyone Could Appreciate

Mermaids don’t lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp.


Origins: Unknown

What it suggests: Don’t let the opinions of trivial matters affect you

While this quote mentions a mermaid, it also refers to the worries of everybody’s daily life. This quote can be interpreted to mean that there is no point worrying over insignificant things or the opinions of people that don’t matter to you.

“Don’t lose sleep” could mean that a person shouldn’t be affected by what others think, while “opinions of shrimp” could be the trivial matters that could be ignored.

Anaïs Nin Mermaid Quote

I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a greater fear of shallow living

Anais Nin

Origins: Anaïs Nin, the novelist

What it suggests: Live a purposeful life

Mermaids are known to hide in the depths of the ocean, but this quote goes deeper than that. Anais Nin points out how a shallow life is what one should be careful of. “Shallow living” here could mean living a life where the only important things you do are judging others, giving importance to material things, and not being part of the greater good in life.

The greater good here could mean the “depths” which is living a purposeful life with emotional and intellectual depth, being grateful, and pondering on the more significance and wisdom of life itself.

Pirates of the Caribbean Mermaid Quote

Mermaid waters, that be our path.

Captain Hector Barbossa

Origins: From the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

What it suggests: The Inevitability of danger

Uttered by Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this line was said when Hector readies himself and his crew to sail through the terrifying mermaid waters, which could get all of them killed. Despite their fears, the pirates push through the uncharted waters to get to the island that Hector had set his eyes on.

This quote can be used to signify the inevitable danger and, perhaps, the hardships that lie ahead in life and the unrelenting courage and determination one needs to see to pass through those difficulties to achieve what one desire.

The Little Mermaid Saying

Who says my dreams, have to stay, just my dreams?

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Origins: From the Disney film, The Little Mermaid

What it suggests: It’s in your control to make dreams a reality

Said the famous red-headed mermaid princess in Disney, Ariel has spoken and shown, on many occasions, about pursuing her dreams – to be in the world above the waters. And she goes to endless limits to make sure it comes true.

Even though normal human folks don’t have to make a pact with a sea witch to see their dreams come true, this quote can be used to say that dreams can definitely become real, and it’s up to the person to make the first and further steps to turn that dream into reality.

Mermaid swimming in shallow waters
Many sayings about mermaids come from unknown sources

A Mermaid Quote from the Unknown

“Dive deep for the treasure that you seek”


Origins: Unknown

What it suggests: You have to work hard to get the rewards

The ocean holds many tales of sunken treasures and shipwrecks that could possibly hold a mountain ton of gold. But this quote goes far beyond its literal meaning of diving deep for sunken treasures.

“Diving deep” could mean working harder than anybody else. Going into depths even when you know it could be dark and scary. But it is in those depths that the “treasures” we seek can be found. Those treasures could mean many things, not just riches. It could be goals and aspirations as well.

Mermaids and a Million Fish

There’s a million fish in the sea, but I’m a mermaid.


Origins: Unknown

What it suggests: Being different is not a bad thing at all

Encouraging uniqueness in an individual, this quote showcases that being different isn’t all that bad. In fact, they stand out from the rest of the crowd because they are special.

Mermaid making Waves

Be a mermaid that makes waves


Origins: Unknown

What it suggests: Make an impact on the world

It’s known that mermaids have supernatural powers. There are many legends that speak of a mermaid and her powers, from a kiss that could save a sailor from drowning to conjuring storms that could sink an entire fleet whole. But this particular quote seems to be said in a positive light, with its roots steeped in reality. While we aren’t mermaids, “making waves” could mean “making an impact” in our lives or in the lives of others.

To positively shake up and rattle the challenges in our lives and create an impact that will leave a good lasting footprint….. or tail print.

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