Marine Comparisons

Box Jellyfish vs Portuguese Man-o-war

The box jellyfish and Portuguese man-o-war are two of the most feared, small marine creatures on Earth. Both present dangers to beachgoers and swimmers but one is far more threatening than the other. 

Elephant vs Hippo

Elephants and hippopotamuses are two of the largest land mammals to ever live on Earth. The two species share a variety of similarities but are also quite different from one another.

Whale vs. Dolphin

Whales and dolphins are two of the most commonly studied and easily recognized mammals in the world’s oceans. But how different are they? And what similarities do they share? 

Dolphin vs. Shark

Dolphins and sharks are two of the most incredible animals in the Earths’ oceans. But, how are they different? And in what ways are they the same?

Dugong vs. Manatee

Dugongs and manatees are incredibly sea creatures. Both belong to the order Sirenia and share some very interesting features.

Great White Shark vs Orca

Orcas and great white sharks are two of the best-known and commonly studied marine animals. They are both strong predators but, how else are they similar? And how different are their lives?

sea cow vs. manatee

The sea cow and the manatee are two members of the sirenian order. Although one of the two has been extinct since the 18th century, it’s still possible to compare their appearances and habits. 

Orca vs. Dolphin

Orcas and dolphins are two of the most incredible marine animals in the Earth’s oceans. There are many similarities between the two species, but, they are also many differences.

basking shark vs. great white shark

The basking shark and great white shark are two very different animals. Both prowl the Earth’s oceans but one is smaller and predatory while the other is larger and a filter feeder.