Deepest Parts of the Ocean

The vast depths of the ocean remain largely unexplored. Scientists believe that humans have investigated around 20% of the Earth’s oceans. This includes mapping and physically exploring. Some parts of the ocean have never even been seen by a human being.

Biggest Sharks in the World

The Earth’s oceans are filled with some incredible species of sharks. But what are the biggest shark species? Which comes out on top? 


The Earth’s oceans cover the vast majority of the planet, nearly three quarters. The vast amount of water on earth, and marine creatures that inhabit it, require a diverse array of habitats.

Longest Rivers in Africa

Many of the longest rivers in the world are located in Africa. These rivers are essential to the continental ecosystem.

Image Credit: Rod Waddington (via Flickr – CC by 2.0)

10 Amazing Seabirds

On this list, readers can explore facts about ten incredible seabirds worldwide. These range from the Atlantic puffin to the frigatebird. 

Largest Lakes in the World

Water covers nearly 71% of the planet. However, Oceans are not the only contributors to this statistic. Lakes are just as important. In this list, learn about some of the largest lakes in the world.